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Theatre in Motion is a participatory, educational theatre company which utilizes non-traditional casting, that is, artists with and without disabilities working together, serving all populations.  Executive Director Leslie Fanelli designs all programs which focus on Dr. Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI) in live, "hands-on" workshops for K-8 educators--including Special Needs. Theatre in Motion also offers other original scripted auditorium performances for youthful and intergenerational audiences. Theatre in Motion is the 1993 recipient of the New York City Mayor's Very Special Arts Award for Arts-in-Education. If desired, Ms. Fanelli and another Theatre in Motion artist-instructor(s) will travel to your school district, campus, or site on any continent for a custom designed Multiple Intelligences program or another Theatre in Motion performance. Or you can contact Theatre in Motion to set up a program in New York City.

"I am delighted to inform you that because of your outstanding contributions to the arts and your tireless efforts to promote arts opportunities for the New York City community, you have been chosen to receive a Mayor's Very Special Arts Award."

Mayor David N. Dinkins
City of New York


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The highly acclaimed musical soundtrack to Theatre in Motion's Off Broadway show, "Disabled, Empowered, and Proud" is now available on CD. Please call 1-888-573-7554 for specific information.

In addition, the musical CD of "New York Toy Stories: The Musical" is available. (funded by the JM McDonald Foundation) Please call the toll free number or email us.


Theatre In Motion...Serving the N.Y./N.J. Metro Area and the World.

About the Director and Founder

Leslie Fanelli is the Executive Director of Theatre in Motion, an educational theatre company which features artists with and without disabilities. Theatre in Motion is the 1993 NYC Mayor's Very Special Arts Award recipient for Arts-in-Education. Ms. Fanelli is director/playwright of "The Promise of the Park," "Our Choice Now," and "New York Toy Stories"--all  currently playing the NY/NJ metropolitan area. Ms. Fanelli also personally creates "made-to-order" Theatre in Motion Multiple Intelligences (MI) Workshops for Educators. These workshops are appropriate for K-8 teachers--including Special Needs, and employ participatory theatre arts and music activities to teach a variety of curricula. Ms. Fanelli is listed as a MI resource in Howard Gardner's book, Multiple Intelligences, The Theory in Practice . She is also listed in Who's Who in The East and Who's Who in Entertainment. In addition to being an artist and educator, Ms. Fanelli is a mom.

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