Our workshops and performances have proven to be enormously popular and well received by both educators and students. Over the years, Theatre in Motion has been singled out for praise and awards by many people. Please take a look at some of the feedback that we have been happy to receive. We're certain that your experience with Theatre in Motion will be just as positive.

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Read what others have to say about our
workshops and performances:

"The approach you utilized and the response of the students looks most interesting. We continue to be impressed with the possibilities for development of abilities in students with severe disabilities which have been demonstrated in recent years when innovative approaches are utilized...."

Will Wolstein, Acting Commissioner, Administration on Developmental Disabilities, Administration For Children and Families, Washington, D.C.

"I am delighted to inform you that because of your outstanding contributions to the arts and your tireless efforts to promote arts opportunities for the New York City community, you have been chosen to receive a Mayor's Very Special Arts Award."

Mayor David N. Dinkins, City of New York

Former NYC Mayor Dinkins

Educators from the NY/NJ Metropolitan Area:

"I feel I can speak for the trainees, teachers, and paraprofessionals as well as myself, when I say we all had a good time because of the way you put us all at ease and made us feel good about ourselves. I would be happy to recommend you to other organizations who are considering your workshop."

"Very exciting presenter and an excellent way of teaching Gardner's concepts..."

"Fun and I learned something new. Great Job!"

"Great presentation. Ms. Fanelli was fantastic, I enjoyed and learned a lot at this presentation. Mr. Paul is an inspiration, what a mind."

"This is one of the most interesting and well presented workshops I have ever attended."

"This workshop was presented very nicely and I liked the amount of involvement everyone had."

"Absolutely enthralling and inspiring...Congratulations."

"Excellent, keep up the great work!!"

"Excellent, enlightening and truly vibrant!"

"On behalf of the students and staff, deep appreciation is extended to the entire cast of Theatre in Motion for their outstanding performances"

"Dear Ms. Leslie: We would like to take this time to thank you and Mr. Joe for sharing your knowledge and experiences with us. You and Mr. Joe were great!"

Educators from The Netherlands:

"One full day working with Theatre in Motion in New York made all the participants in a Study trip to the USA in April, 1996, experience what the possibilities are of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences in education. For many of the participants this workshop was a lively experience that still has its influence on the way they work now."(Autumn, 1997)

Gerard van de Burgwal, consultant, Magnet and Extended Day Programs, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

"The materials Leslie Fanelli uses are the voice, the body, the spirit and feelings. She works with clear structure and with much enthusiasm."

"Theatre in Motion makes it possible to experience and learn Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences."

Rineke Vonk, drama teacher Kunstweb, Center for Art Education, in Amsterdam

"Music is one part of her (Ms. Fanelli's) complete approach. The music is not an end unto itself but a way to accomplish general non-musical goals. She uses songs that contain a clear message like the Rainbow Song (with American Sign Language). She started her workshop with singing this song as an introduction. Through this vulnerable approach with people who are strangers to her, it became clear instantly that 'be respectful - have fun - be centered - freeze' are important aspects of her whole method."

Hans van de Veerdonk, music teacher Music School of Amsterdam

Children's art thanking us for performing Responses From Audiences About Our Original, Interactive Auditorium Performances:

About New York Toy Stories-Our Newest ADDITION (Toys come to life with music and audience involvement, in a tribute to the celebrated "New York Toy Stories" exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York in Manhattan. For Family Audiences)
Image from New York Toy Stories
From New York Toy Stories 2001 Robert Schaefer

"Our Children were mesmerized."

"Thanks for a fun and happy experience...the songs are beautiful."

In addition, the musical CD of "New York Toy Stories: The Musical" is available. (funded by the JM McDonald Foundation) Please call the toll free number or email us.

About The Promise of the Park (A musical fantasy in which the co-creator of Central Park, Frederick Law Olmsted, time-travels into the present and is faced with 21st century concerns for the Environment, citizens' rights, and responsibilities. Also plays quarterly at the Museum of the City of New York, in collaboration with the museum and the Central Park Urban Park Rangers. Grades 1-9)

"It was the first time I felt like I was time traveling. The next time I go to a park, I will think about Frederick Law Olmsted."

"The guy who played Olmsted has a great big voice. He was great! I never learned this in history class."

About Our Choice Now (A participatory drug and alcohol PREVENTION musical revue which focuses on self-esteem and decision making. Grades 2-8)

"Those actors with disabilities kept on trucking. And I love wheelchairs."

"I learned to standup to negative peer pressure."

About Show Your Smile (Grown-up Red Riding Hood is a practicing dentist with an office next to Granny. In this instructive musical program, she teaches the Wolf to eat a healthy diet and take care of his teeth. PreK-grade3)

"I liked that crazy, funny old wolf. He finally learned to brush his teeth."

"The Secret Code word is dental floss!"

About Disabled, Empowered, and Proud (A musical and dramatic "tapestry" ...a voice of common ground issues of the disability civil rights movement; 75 minutes, one act; for intergenerational audiences.)

"The music and lyrics are outstanding."

"Very provocative.  Keep up the good work."

The highly acclaimed musical soundtrack to Theatre in Motion's Off Broadway show, "Disabled, Empowered, and Proud" is now available on CD. Please call 1-888-573-7554 for specific information.


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