Theatre in Motion and Multiple Intelligences

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In 1983 Dr. Howard Gardner of The Harvard Graduate School of Education first told the world about the Multiple Intelligences Theory (MI) in his book Frames of Mind. Its publication resulted in tremendous interest and sweeping innovations in education around the world. Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences, which suggests that humans have at least seven intelligences (recently eight+!), encourages educators to reach beyond Linguistic and Logical-mathematical ways of teaching/learning and include Musical, Bodily-kinesthetic, Spatial, Naturalistic, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligences.

In a "hands-on" workshop, residency or conference, participatory creative drama exercises are presented for educators by Theatre in Motion for all the intelligences.  These participatory theatre arts exercises may be infused into a wide variety of curricula ranging in subject area from language learning to reading to geology and beyond.  Various grade and cognitive levels (K-8, including Special Needs) are included in activities rich in content and in promoting self esteem. Highlighted are strategies that utilize participatory theatre arts and music exercises, and that address multiple intelligences simultaneously in a creative, low-anxiety atmosphere. Learning is fun! When interest level is increased, proficiency is increased.

Leslie Fanelli, a correspondent with Dr. Gardner, is listed as an MI resource in his recent book Multiple Intelligences, The Theory in Practice. Ms. Fanelli will personally create your MI program for educators, geared to your specific needs and curriculum.  If desired , Ms. Fanelli and another Theatre in Motion artist-instructor(s) will travel to your school district, campus, or site for a custom designed MI workshop immersion on any continent. Or you can contact Theatre in Motion to set up a workshop/conference in New York City.

According to Howard Gardner, the definition of an intelligence is the ability to solve a problem or to create a product that is useful in one or more cultures, and often includes the potential for finding or creating problems so that the groundwork is set for acquiring new knowledge. This has very little to do with IQ or any finite number. This definition also embraces life long learning. Theatre in Motion's creative, participatory MI workshops help educators to increase student interest in this kind of learning.

Teacher materials included. Travel stipend. Fee negotiable.You can read more about our workshops at the following locations:

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Theatre In Motion and Multiple Intelligences
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