About Theatre in Motion: An Overview

A Non-Traditional, Non-Profit Repertory Company, with Many Programs​​​​​​​

We are comprised of intergenerational artists with and without disabilities ... Ages 6 to 96 years old ... Serving fully inclusive, intergenerational populations ... We are Disability Pride in action with artistry, imagination, and interactive Arts-in-Education.  

"A fantastic Creative Drama class.  My son and I had a truly magical experience."

"It was my honor and joy to bring Ms. Fanelli into my United States History class at Kean University. My students, many of whom were aspiring teachers, were enraptured as we used the Theory of Multiple Intelligences and Universal Design strategies to create theatre pieces about the Western Expension of the USA. Dry facts became joyous realities. A fabulous residency!"

"The transfomative power of Theatre in Motion's multi-modailty program is outstanding. Young people, who first attended, and barely aware of their surroundings, can now appreciate Mozart, use their imaginations, and interact with those around them as never before. I am amazed at the dedication, individualized methods, and sheer zest! What could have been basic enrichment became a laughter-filled key to the entire potential of our students."

In all we do, we celebrate The Arts and Disability. 
We serve New York, New Jersey, and Beyond!
Disability Pride Photo by Robert Schaefer